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Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde SST
AF6182 (1:144 scale)...(a) $22.00
Injection molded, newest British Airways decals.
D144-CO (1:144 scale)..(a) $40.00
Injection molded with older BA and Air France decals .

Airbus A321
RV4236 (1:144 scale)...(b) $18.00
Injection molded, Lufthansa decals, V2500 engines.
SL-74 (1:144 scale)........(b) $40.00
Vacuum formed with metal and resin parts, Alitalia and Air Inter decals.

Airbus A330-300
RV4220 (1:144 scale)...(a) $35.00
Airbus Industrie decals, GE engines, injection molded.
RV4205 (1:144 scale)...(a) $35.00
LTU decals, both P&W and GE engines, injection molded.

Airbus A340-300
RV4214 (1:144 scale)...(a) $35.00
Injection molded, Lufthansa decals.

Airbus Beluga
RV4206 (1:144 scale)...(a) $30.00
The over side components transport, yellowed Airbus Industrie decals. 
Injection molded.

Airspeed Ambassador
TW-ASA (1:72 scale).....(a) $80.00
Vacuum formed with metal props and landing gear, old 1950 era BEA decals.
SL-14 (1:144 scale)......(b) $25.00
Vacuum formed with metal landing gear, Dan Air decals.
SL-14A (1:144 scale).....(b) $ 25.00
Vacuum formed, meta landing gear, BEA red scheme.

  Antonov 24
BYAH24 (1:144 scale)..(c) $ 12.00
Injection molded in the old Soviet Union, clear plastic disks

AW15 Atalanta
ACM401 (1:144 scale)....(c) $20.00
Vacuum formed with metal parts

Boeing 377 Stratocruiser
MC4445 (1:144 scale)..(b) $12.00
Injection molded, Pan Am decals.
AE1603 (1:72 scale).....(a) $55.00
Injection molded, old Pam American markings.

Boeing C-97G
MC4440 (1:144 scale)...(b) $12.00
Decals for Minnesota Air Guard, cargo version, not a tanker.

Boeing KC-97G
MC4441 (1:144 scale)...(b) $12.00
As above, USAF SAC decals.

Boeing RB-47H
HC1252 (1:144 scale)...(b) $20.00

Boeing 707-320
MC4454 (1:144 scale)....(b) $16.00
Injection molded, TWA twin Globe decals, P&W JT4As.

Boeing 707-420
MC4456 (1:144 scale)...(b) $16.00
Injection molded, Lufthansa decals, 
RR Conway engines.
AF4170 (1:144 scale)...(b) $16.00
Injection molded, British Airways decals, RR Conways.

Boeing 707-320B/C
MC4450 (1:144 scale)...(b) $16.00
Injection molded, Pan Am decals, P&W JT3D-3B engines.

  Boeing 727-200
KM7201 (1:72 Scale)..(2a) $69.00
Injection molded, some resin parts, American decals, HUGE! Short supply.

Boeing 737-200
AF3181 (1:144 scale)...(b) $12.00
Injection molded, Air France and older 
British Airways decals. We have more 
aftermarket decals for this kit than any other. Now in short supply.
MX40803 (1:200 scale)..(c) $10.00
Injection molded, British Airways and 
Aer Lingus older scheme decals.
HA10181 (1:200 scale)..(b) $28.00
THREE KITS to a box JTA decals, injection molded.

Boeing 737-300
MC4446 (1:144 scale)..(c) $12.00
Injection molded, American Airlines decals.
TW-733 (1:72 scale)...(a) $110.00
Vacuum formed, metal landing gear,
old Lufthansa decals.

Boeing 737-400
MC4448 (1:144 scale)...(c) $12.00
Injection molded, US Airways decals.
HA10180 (1:200 scale)..(b) $28.00
Injection molded, JAL decals, three (3) kits in a box.
HA10217 (1:200 scale)..(c) $12.00
Special price, no further discount. JTA decals.

Boeing 737-500
HA10216 (1:200 scale)..(c) $12.00
Injection molded, ANA decals. Limited stock.

Boeing 737-800
RV4238 (1:144 scale)..(b) $ 18.00
Injection molded, Hapag Lloyd decals, great kit! 
RV4245 (1:144 scale)..(b) $ 18.00
As above, KLM decals.