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How to Order

We can take your order via e-mail, or by simply filling out the order form , printing it, and mailing it to us.  In order to e-mail us your order, we must have your credit card information on file before you can order this way.  Or we can simply take your order over the phone by calling the number below.  Please do not call or e-mail your order if you are paying with a check or money-order.    

Call 1-800-321-1026 to place your order (not to ask questions)

Call 1-209-854-9264 for any questions 

FAX 1-209-854-9265

Credit Cards Worldwide

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Cards.  We need to have your signature on file for the first time you use your card with us.  The shipping address and the card billing address must be the same.  International conversions are very easy this way.  There is no credit card minimum, but we ask that you please not use a credit card for orders totaling less than US $20.00.

Check or Money Orders

There is no minimum order for checks and money orders. Checks must have your name and address printed on them by the check printer.  There will be a $25.00 fee for checks returned to us unpaid.

Foreign (non US Checks)

All Foreign payments must be in US Dollars.  Our bank charges us a $5.00 fee to process foreign checks and drafts so we ask that you add that amount to your payment.  We cannot accept Eurochecks or wire transfers.  If you are ordering from outside the US or Canada and paying by check you should request a pro-forma invoice stating exact shipping charges. 

Restricted Countries

Some countries have a very high loss rate for parcels, some countries  will no allow anything to be sent.  In some instances customs duty may exceed the cost of the merchandise sent. 

Returns, Missing Parts

There is a 20% restocking fee for returned items you do not want.  This fee does not apply if we made a mistake on your order and sent the wrong item.  You have 10 days after receiving your order to initiate a return or request missing parts.  After that 10 day period all sales are final.  DO NOT return a kit for missing parts unless we ask you to do so.  We will send the parts you need.  Any items returned must be sent well protected and unaltered, this means do not fold decals direction or simply wrap paper around a kit box. 

Shipping Charges Apply

All orders must have shipping paid.  We use the Postal Service exclusively now, UPS became overpriced and undependable.  On credit card orders we will bill exact shipping.  The minimum shipping charge is the 2-pount priority mail flat rate of US $3.95.  We ship the same day we get your order.

Shipping Information

Shipping Charges Apply to all Orders

The absolute minimum shipping and handling charge is the cost of two pounds USPS Priority Mail.  At this time it is $3.95, but if there are rate increases this price will change to reflect the new price.  Here are some examples of shipping costs:

Item Description
USA / Canada
South America
5 decals (printed matter)
5 decals (global priority)
1-60 decals
50 decals
2 Minicraft 737s
2 Minicraft 757s
1 Revell 747 / A340 / A330

These are examples, not rules cut in stone.  Add $6.00 for registry of items going to high loss countries like Mexico, Italy and Brazil.  Best to use a credit card, we bill exact shipping.

Because so many items are running low on quantity, we ask that you make alternate selections if paying by check or money order.  When we made decals a few years back, we printed 3,000 at a time.  The new manufacturers print 500 or less and will usually not reprint.  Most common shortages are in window decals and coroguard decals but some kits are subject to stock depletion as well.  Check the 2001-2002 Kit and Decal Catalog Supplement for advice of stock outages.

Once you have bought from us you will get free catalogs for two years, so please advise us of any address changes.